He rubbed orange skin on all the potted plants at home. The reason for why he did this is brilliant!

Oranges are some of the most selected fruits. They are very tasty and give the body a lot of nutrients. It was estimated that 100 g (o.2 lb) have up to 50 mg of vitamin C! This means that eating one well-rounded orange will cover the daily requirement for this vitamin.

The smell of the fruit is simply divine! It’s all because of the fragrances contained in the peel. When you break the orange skin, the scent begins to release and spread throughout the room. Most skin is throw in the trash and we only use the pulp of the fruit. When you read what you can use it for you’ll soon stop throwing it away!

1. Soothing bath oil

Pour grated or shredded skin with olive oil and set it aside in a warm place. After a few days the liquid should get the fragrance and the cosmetic will be ready.


2. Orange sugar

It’s a delicious and aromatic additive to baking!


3. Sugar peeling

Mix dried skin with baby oil and sugar crystals. Apply the mixture on the body to peel off dead skin.


4. Refresh the room

Boil the orange peel with herbs. The room fills with a pleasant aroma for a long time.