He said that he could do to this dog whatever he wants! The reaction of penetrations totally surprised me!

A lot has been said in regards to the proper treatment of animals, in spite of this many people still treat them as objects. They think that as owners they can do anything they want to them. This social experiment prepared by Youtubers from OckTV is quite shocking.

Two men put into a black bag a stuffed toy that looked like an adult dog. Aside from that, they’ve also added in a special device that imitated yelping of an animal. One of them went out on the street with the bag and started to kick it and beat it hard with a baseball bat.


Some people didn’t care about the fate of the poor animal, and others reacted immediately. They came over and tried to stop the man at all costs. Watch how it all went down.

This man reacted almost right away. He didn’t hesitate to come over and give the torturer a lesson or two. In a stream of anger he grabbed a traffic cone and hit the man with it. Fortunately, there are still people who take care of such situations.

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  1. Carol Ann French
  2. Juan Valdez