He saved his little owner from death in flames. He will always remain in the hearts of those whom he sacrificed for

The fidelity of dogs never ceases to amaze us. They are the animals that can give a man their whole heart and be at his side in good times and the bad. Stories of how they saved the life of their owners are numerous. Many of them can move us to tears and be remembered for a long time.

Some time ago, the group of dog heroes was joined by Polo.


The eight months old Viviana Claire Poremski of Baltimore, daughter of the pet’s owner, was trapped in a burning house.


 The girl’s Mom, Erika, left just before the fire to take something from the car. When she returned, she saw the fire, which has spread to all areas.
She was not able to reach her daughter.

The woman recalls the events:

I’ve heard my daughter crying, but I could not get to her. I wanted to, I tried, and each of the neighbors tried. They kicked the door, trying to break windows, but the fire was everywhere …

When Erika tried to get inside, she burned her face and hands, but failed to reach the child. The fire was stronger than her.

Fortunately, the fire brigade arrived at the spot in a few moments.