He secretly filmed his partner, who did unimaginable things to a cat. Warning: Not for sensitive people!

Craig Mills, a 22-year-old with obvious mental health problems was filmed while abusing his two-year-old cat. The disturbing footage was uploaded to social media by his partner – David Walker. It shows Craig hitting and biting the animal. The events all took place in their apartment in Fife (Scotland).

As a result of the serious injuries, the female cat named Pippa had to be put down. The pet’s owner almost bit her neck off.


The proper authorities reviewed the case and the man has been held criminally responsible. His lawyer admitted that Craig often abuses alcohol and smokes marijuana frequently. Additionally, he has been diagnosed with a personality disorder, most likely caused by a rough childhood, hence his elevated aggression.

tortured cat1

Although the man who recorded the video states that he hadn’t abused the cat, he has been condemned in the same way as the killer has, because he didn’t try to stop Mills in any way. Apparently, the 22-year-old was also aggressive towards him and Walker wanted to have evidence in a case against him, which is why he recorded the video.

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