He set up a hidden camera in the house. The way in which the cat behaved surpasses human understanding!

Going to school or work, you never know what our four-legged friends are doing at home. We can only guess that they probably sleep all day or roam around the kitchen in search of treats.

Sometimes, they can destroy the house. Bored by the several hours of sitting around and sleeping on the couch, they get to work, and all sorts of ideas pop into their heads – digging in flower pots, biting and scratching furniture or tearing apart the toilet paper.


Mirko, a cat from Japan, behaves differently than other felines when there’s nobody around. As soon as 39-year-old Chisa closes the door, the male starts a spectacular dance. His movements are confusingly similar to the contortions of ballet dancers. He’s better in some moves and not so much in others :). Just see what he can do.




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