He stacked copper coins in pillars on his laptop. When you find out why, you will do the same! A lot of people have this problem!

Internet pulls you in. Today, we cannot imagine a life without access to the network. In the evening, you are eager to go to bed with your laptop on your lap and watch your favorite TV series or just check what new has happened in the world. As you go, you visit the profiles of our friends and watch some funny cat videos.

Your relaxing is often interrupted by the loud fan running in the laptop which turns on when the equipment starts to heat up. The laptop casing becomes hot and we sometimes we have the impression that he it is about to explode.


The reasons for overheating can vary. They include placing your laptop on soft blankets or sofas that restrict air flow from its bottom and sides as well as accumulated dust posing a danger to the cooling system. To reduce the heat, you can buy a special stand or cooling rack for your laptops. However, if these methods do not help, you might want to reach for a method popular among internet users in Japan.


This man checked where did his laptop emit the most heat. He discovered that it was in the area between the screen and the keyboard. He then invented a clever trick and shared it on Twitter.

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