He started placing strips of bacon on a pan. Then he added to very popular ingredients. The results are not only beautiful but also delicious

Michael Smith decided to prove that you can make a really delicious and beautiful meal out of a few simple and readily available ingredients. You can make it almost instantly! It’s tempting by both its looks and taste.

So if you are looking for easy, cheap and undemanding recipes, this proposal is just for you!

This is what you need:

– a few large potatoes
– long bacon strips
– cheddar cheese
– salt and pepper
– a pan- waxpaper.

1. Take a medium sized pan and put in waxpaper .If it doesn’t stick evenly, then spread oil on the bottom and press the greaseproof paper down.



2. Start by placing down the strips of bacon. It’s important for them to be as long as possible and so that they cover the entire bottom of the pan.

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