He thought that the poor animal was already dead. Fortunately, it turned out that this was not the case!

The local police in Grenada, Spain received a phone call from one of the residents of the nearby village. The man found a dog, beaten and in a terrible state. Not only that, the animal had a badly damaged the body and was extremely emaciated. His life hung in the balance, so the police had to act quickly.

They informed the staff of the shelter for homeless animals who transported the dog to the vet.


The dog weighed less than 7 kg (15.5 lb), with his bones visible from under the skin. He barely opened his eyes and breathed …

The chances that the animal would survive were slim.

The rescuers brought him to the clinic recall twith a smile that he was as thin as spaghetti, so they called it Barilla (Italian for spaghetti).

The dog was in such a poor condition that it was not able to stand up on its own..202

The veterinarians feared that the internal injuries were too severe.

The emaciation of the animal was extreme!