He told his teacher that math was useless. The professor quickly proved him wrong

Jeremy Kun, a math teacher, was asked by one of his students, why should he learn the formulas, sinuses and cosinuses which are useless in real life. He thought that algebra is totally useless in real life.

The teacher heard the student and then pointed out exactly how we use math in everyday life even without noticing it.


1. Math makes us learn from our mistakes

How to solve the math problem? You need to have both the data and the knowledge. Sometimes, however, an error sneaks in and you have to start from scratch. It teaches you to never give up and learn from your mistakes as well as to avoid them next time.


2. It teaches precision and accuracy

Precision is essential in mathematics. You cannot forget to add or subtract something. Mathematics teaches students precise and specificity. These, in turn, can be beneficial when building a speech, choosing words quickly and articulately.