He told his wife to bury all his savings with him. The woman did what she was told… What happened later, made me cry with laughter!

A man loved money so much, that he wished that after his death to be buried with all of his savings. He worked hard all of his life and was saving money. He made a lot of money, but didn’t want to share his possessions with anyone. He said that his earnings are his and no one has a right to them.

The man loved material things more than people. Before dying, he told his wife: “When I die, I want you to put all my money in my coffin.” The woman promised, that she would keep her word.


When the day of the burial came the widow went up to the body and put into the pocket of the deceased a small box. Her best friend told her: “I hope that you’re not so stupid and didn’t do what he asked you to do. Surely you didn’t put in there all of the money that miser had been gathering for all of his life?”


The widow calmly replied: “I’m a Christian and I can’t lie. I did what I promised him I’d do.”