He Took A Picture During The Tour Of The Mansion. This Photo Provoked A Storm On The Internet!

In Greencastle, there has been known the story of Pink Lady. Not far from the town, there is an ancient, built in 1800 and abandoned mansion. It belonged to the family of O’Hare.

The legend says that Irene O’Hare has visited the property since her death.



No one is sure when the legend began, but when one evening the photographer Guy Winters and his friends visited the court, they did not expect that the pictures reveal the evidences. Winters is a professional photographer, so he examined the photos, whether it is not just the reflection or the refraction of light.

When they have gained permission from the owner of the residence, they began to visit the building. The visit was weird and short but the starting photographer took a few photos. When he returned, he saw this… in the photos.

Mostly Ghosts


Winters unleashed a storm putting photos on the Internet. People investigating paranormals wanted to do research in this place, but the owner of the mansion destroyed the court. We may never know the story of Pink Lady of Greencastle.

But the pictures taken by the photographer are puzzling.

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