He took a watermelon and made a small hole. The outcome will delight your children

Watermelon season is full swing. Watermelon help lower blood pressure and prevent heart attacks; they’re a perfect source of antioxidants, which slow the process of skin aging. They are made of 92% water, which means that they perfectly quench thirst. But they’re also an ideal snack for summer.

In stores we can find both whole watermelons as well as cut in pieces. Up to today I’ve always bought those cut in slices thinking that I couldn’t find a use for a whole watermelon, and that it wouldn’t fit entirely in the fridge. But it turns out that there is a method for using the entire watermelon, all you need to do is watch this video. The man shows how to prepare an interesting watermelon drink. All we need is a whole watermelon, a drill, a plastic cup and a special cover for the drill, which we change after using the drill. It’s done in a very straightforward way, so watch the video and get to work.

Do it yourself.


Very easy, and the kids will be delighted.


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