He uploaded his daughter’s picture onto the internet. He didn’t know that it would save her life!

Parents really like to brag about photographs of their children on the Internet. Mostly the social media profiles of happy dads and moms are full of photos of their babies along with detailed descriptions of all their achievements, both big and small. But it certainly won’t change, because every parent is proud of their baby.

Bragging about children on the internet is perceived in many different ways by the environment. Sometimes, you may find that not everyone is happy with the details of someone’s meal, even the sweetest child’s. However, sometimes it turns out that uploading photos of your child can even save their life.

A user of the service imgur got to know this, when he posted pictures of him and his daughter on the page. She had a sad face and the young dad’s caption of the photo was “My daughter’s first bath didn’t go so well.”


Many people commented the picture with a smile. However, one of the entries changed everything.

Aren’t her eyes a little too yellow? I think so, but the whole picture is a bit yellow. It’s probably nothing, but it could be a symptom of neonatal jaundice. If her eyes and skin look a bit yellow, it’s best to check what it is. I am a paranoid children’s doctor, hence my concerns.

The child’s father followed the advice of the doctor, who turned out to be right! The little one had jaundice, which isn’t a serious condition for adults, but can lead to death among children. Fortunately, everything ended well and the baby’s life is no longer in danger.