He was obsessively afraid of human touch. Everything changed when he met this dog

Autism is one of the most difficult disorders for parents to struggle with.

Although a child is physically healthy, the parent is unable to get them to interact, to overcome the barrier that separates their reality from the reality of a toddler. Often it is even impossible to hug the child, because they react with panic, screaming, etc. A child with autism may experience touch as something not only uncomfortable, but also painful. And anyone who has a little child knows how wonderful it is to hug them…


Shanna Niehaus is one of the parents of autistic children, the mom of the 5-year-old Kaion. The boy has autism, and reacts very poorly to another person’s touch, he is terrified of human contact. His mother decided to go with her son to the 4 Paws for Ability center in Ohio, United States.

After two years of waiting, the boy received an invitation for meeting a dog awaited by the whole family. And although the Niehaus family lives permanently in Japan, they decided to travel without any hesitation. When they reached the place with their son and went to the center, the dog was waiting there for them.

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