He was paralyzed for 12 years. His mother wished him death… Then something unbelievable happened!

Twelve year old Martin Pistorius lived with his parents in South Africa. He was a healthy and normal child who loved life. Suddenly a mysterious illness started to paralyze the boy’s body.

The situation dramatically got worse. Martin eventually couldn’t walk. Doctors were helpless and couldn’t rationally explain the boy’s ailment. They suspected that he had meningitis. They didn’t give his family any hope…


They shrugged their shoulders as they watched the boy’s condition worsen day after day, changing him into a vegetable. They sent him home in a terrible condition.

The father shown his son a lot of love. Every day he drove Martin to a social welfare home. Everyone agreed: “He’s dying.”

No one was expecting the situation to radically change. His state was starting to get better. He regained consciousness and hearing. He remembered everything that his loved one’s said. Once he heard his mother say: “I hope you die soon”.