After 64 years, she has found her sister. However, it was only the beginning of uncovering family secrets!

Life is a band of surprising events. We can never be exactly sure of everything because life brings us constant surprises. All is well when these changes are joyful. However, sometimes there are mysteries that it is better not to explore.

In the case of Helen Edwards, the mystery she discovered, turned out to be amazing!


Helen didn’t have an easy childhood. Her father brought problems home from work. He was violent and impulsive and beat his wife and daughter. Helen had no one to talk to, so she talked to her imaginary sister. She entrusted her their troubles and sorrows. Upon years, it turned out that her parents also had their secrets.

More than a dozen kilometers away, Jenny Lee Smith had a wonderful childhood. Her parents really loved her and showed it. When she was 14, she wanted to play with cousins, but they had another idea. Finally, they told her that she could not play because she was adopted. Jenny came home in tears. Jenny’s mother told her that they adopted her when she was 6 weeks old and really fell in love with her, not wanting to tell her that.