After 64 years, she has found her sister. However, it was only the beginning of uncovering family secrets!

It was only in 2008, that Jenny was able to find her biological mother. She told her that she had to give her up because she had no money for her education. She confessed to her that he had a sister, but she asked Jenny not to contact her. The woman returned home with a heavy heart. However, when her mother died, Jenny decided to meet her sister.

Helen, convinced that he is the only child, could not believe at first that she had a half-sister. Finally, after years and years, they met! But the real surprise was still ahead of them.


The women did DNA tests to make sure that they are sisters. The test results surprised everyone. It turned out that they are not only are sisters, but twins. What’s more, it turned out that they were the fruit of a romance and that the man who tormented Helen throughout her childhood was not her father.

Helen did not know that talking to an imaginary sister could be a symptom of the loss of her real twin sister.