A starving dog was too scared to accept help from strangers. Find out how its story ends!

Sometimes fear makes us do stupid things that may hurt us. It can even make us refuse help offered by strangers.

One dreadfully scared and starved dog behaved in a similar way in Washington state. All the standard methods of establishing contact were ineffective. Then two unordinary ladies stepped in.

Amanda Guarascio and Dylan Parkinson decided to help, when they heard of the tragic story of the dog. The unfortunate animal was separated from his owners (or was abandoned by them) and was wandering around for a few months by a busy road. Many travelers tried to help and feed the starving animal. However, the dog was too scared to accept these gifts.


At first, Amanda and Dylan tried to earn the dog’s trust with food. Unfortunately, even in their case, this trick turned out ineffective. The women decided to wait for a few hours and try again one more time, giving the dog a chance to get used to their presence. Bur they still couldn’t earn the animals trust. Then Amanada decided to try some unconventional tactics. She laid herself on the ground in a hunched up position with her back turned to the dog.


Despite initial fear, the dog quickly lost interest in the motionless figure laying on the ground. Only then did the woman start to slowly crawl in his direction. She spend over an hour like this, creeping towards the animal centimeter after centimeter.

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