It was supposed to be a holiday souvenir. What is certain is that this little girl in life will not forget the tattoo she got on an Egyptian beach

Great exotic holidays are a dream not only of adults, but of children, but not always memories of such trips are good.

On vacation, we head to a warm country where we can relax on the beach. We warm up in the sun, wade through the water or swim and have fun. We are waiting for this all year to finally rest and have a good time. Most often, we do not deny ourselves anything or sins in the form of a favorite food or attraction, which although they cost a lot, give us nice memories.

And the locals will use the summer to make money to live on. Full of carefree, lazy tourists makes for an easy target. Stalls with souvenirs, amusement parks, and lotteries are all waiting for the willing with a full wallet. It is also popular to dress up colored braids, tie strings in hair, or even do “tattoos” from henna, which fade and wash up after a few weeks.

For such attractions and holiday pleasures many parents allow and for children unfortunately, this does not always have a good effect. Like for the 7-year-old Madison Gulliver, who traveled with her parents to Egypt for a vacation. Her parents let her do an innocent tattoo on her hands. They missed a safety test that would save their daughter from suffering.

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