It was supposed to be a holiday souvenir. What is certain is that this little girl in life will not forget the tattoo she got on an Egyptian beach

Madison went to Egypt with her parents and 9-year-old brother Sebastian. They spent a very pleasant, carefree time, as Mr. Gulliver added, the children were very polite so he agreed with his wife to let them do henna tattoos on their hands. Sebastian’s tattoo was itchy, so he quickly washed it off. Madison had beautiful flowers painted. Initially, nothing predicted that any troubles were waiting for them.

Madison did not complain for a few days, but then her tattoo began to itch too. The parents decided to wash it off, and their eyes appeared rapidly to want to pop out of their heads. The henna did not want to wash off and her hand hurt more and more. The parents went to the hospital, where doctors prescribed ointment with analgesic and steroids.

It turned out that the mixture of henna had many chemicals and therefore the delicate skin of the child reacted violently. Parents are now doing their best so that there will be no scars. It is been half a year of treatment with special medicines and ointments to restore her skin.

Gulliver wants to warn other parents to reconsider such attractions. You never know what exactly is in henna.