Her family threw the woman into the street like an unnecessary item. Undernourished and weak she lay by the roadside waiting for death

Parents devote a lot of time, love and attention to their children. Sometimes they even give up their careers for them. They stay at home to take care of them and bring them up. Most kids appreciate it and pay it back by taking care of them when they are old and brittle.

However, there are also those people who do not want to spend time looking after their ailing mother or father. They simply want to get rid of them, not remembering that it is them who brought them to the world and not acknowledging that, in the last years of their life, they deserve at least a little bit of attention. This case from India proves that some people, in fact, are heartless. They are unscrupulous, lack a sense of conscience and have no respect for others.


Some heartless monsters threw an old woman out on the street without money, food and water. She was condemned to slow death, and if no one bothered about her fate, today she probably would not be alive. Look what the person who saw her wrote.

When I was traveling from Khargone to Madhya Pradesh, I saw a shocking situation. An old woman was lying on the floor near the District Govt Hospital. At first, I hesitated whether to help her or not. I thought she was mentally ill. Upon seeing her condition, however, I had to react. I walked to her and asked if I could buy her something to eat. She nodded for me to do it.


I did the same thing the next night. I was worried what would happen to her when I get back from work after two days. On September 6, I contacted Amarjeet Singh Sudan.

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