Her husband was killed in a tragic car accident… On the day of his funeral, she discovered something that caused her great joy!

Kristy and Royce Kirchner had a loving marriage. For seven years they had been trying to have a baby. Unfortunately, they didn’t succeed. Despite many failures, they didn’t give up!

They willingly shared their experiences online, where they got a lot of support. They couldn’t wait for the day they would become happy parents.


All the natural methods failed. So the couple decided on in vitro fertilization, which gave them good chances of meeting their greatest dreams.

Sadly, on October the 8th, their marriage came to an end. Royce died in an accident, when his car ran into a tree near their home. Kristy was devastated.


On the day of her husband’s funeral, she discovered something amazing. It turned out that what they have dreamed of for so long finally came true. Kristy was pregnant! Her joy mixed with sadness over the loss of her true love…