Her husband’s lover before and after the meeting with his wife. The conclusion is that it is better not to pick up guys that are taken!

Women can be vindictive. They solve their problems differently than men do. Seemingly nice, gentle and smiling, they can instantly turn into merciless beasts. Just one stimulus is enough to infuriate them and push them over the edge.

Besides backbiting, slandering and planting intrigues, they can do something more. They can deliver cruel blows.


This case shows that it’s better to get off of some ladies’ way to avoid painful revenge. A 28-year-old woman from China was meeting with an older, married man. She appeared, beautiful and graceful, on their photos in social media.


Everything went on as before until the man’s wife found out. She decided to give the girl a lesson for life. One source says that women have met in the cafe and, after a brief exchange of words, exchanged blows. Unfortunately, the young woman lost the fight and was badly bruised.


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