Her mother didn’t allow her to marry her beloved… after 62 years he got her missing letter

There has been a lot said about love, and one thesis states that true love will overcome any distance, stand the test of time and survive anything. To find a love like that, sometimes you have to wait a long time, but if someone is destined to be with another person, sooner or later they’ll be able to enjoy happiness with their loved one.

The chance of discovering a beautiful story about a sincere, but unfulfilled and forbidden love was given to a man who found a worn wallet. Inside of it, in addition to $3 in cash, was a letter that a woman wrote 60 years ago to her beloved, explaining to him that her mother’s strict prohibition will prevent them from getting married and living a happy life together.


The person who found the wallet was so moved that he decided to track down the wallet’s owner. Unfortunately, there weren’t any documents in it, but the letter, signed Hannah, had the sender’s telephone number written at the very bottom. The man didn’t hesitate and decided to call and find the woman, who experienced a love tragedy several decades ago.

The letter found in the wallet intrigued its finder.

Fortunately, the phone number was still in use, but the voice on the phone said that Hannah is no longer available at that number, since she had to move to a nearby nursing home. The man asked for the address and set off straight away to see Hannah, the author of the letter which foretold a sad story of unfulfilled love.

There was a time when handwritten letters were the only way of contacting a loved one.

When he arrived, a nurse took him to the 3rd floor, to Hannah’s room. The elderly woman was surprised by the visit and when she learned the reason for it, she was very touched, because she could vividly remember the day when she wrote that sad letter and confessed that:

This letter was the last thing I was able to write Michael, my first and only love.

Not every love has a chance to be fulfilled when we’re young.

Will the man find Michael, the owner of the wallet? Read the next page and find out what happened.