Here are 8 videos which are conquering the internet and are perfect examples of trick photography! Find out if they can fool you!

Many things amuse and intrigue internet users, including a variety of videos from around the world, to which access is fast and easy, thanks to YouTube. Unfortunately we shouldn’t always believe in what people upload to the internet. Is everything on the internet a hoax?

Of course not, but a majority of the uploaded pictures and videos is edited by professionals who use computer programs to create images and scenes that will attract viewers and encourage them to continue sharing the content. Sometimes the alterations are so good that people don’t even have a shadow of doubt as to the authenticity of the presented content.


An experiment was designed to test how people react to these sensational videos and was conducted by The Woolshed Company. Within two years, the company has published 8 videos, which have quickly gained popularity on YouTube and were shown and commented on by various national TV stations. The goal of “The Viral Experiment” was to find out if anyone (whether a member of the audience or a representative of the press) would realize that these are neatly prepared hoaxes. As reality has shown, the whole world was fooled, and The Woolshed Company made it clear to everyone that we are naïve by believing everything that is published on the web.

The videos that took part in the experiment reached a total number of over 200 million views.


On the next four pages we’ll present the videos that took part in “The Viral Experiment”, and at the end of the article you’ll find a video proving that they were all a hoax.

1. GoPro: Man Fights Off Great White Shark in Sydney Harbour

Do you remember the man who fell into the water, came face to face with a shark and then escaped to shore? If you were stressfully waiting for a happy ending to his adventure, it was unnecessary. The predator was edited in by a computer program.