Here Are The 17 Most Ridiculously Expensive Versions Of Everyday Objects. $1.3 Million For The Toilet Paper? Seriously?

Probably, we all have normal versions of the products from the list.

Bottled water, toilet paper and t-shirts are quite typical stuff that every of us usually has at home. Extremely rich people have found a way to make usual objects a billion percent more expensive! I’m not sure if I’m disgusted, or on the contrary – shocked of such luxury.

Regardless of your attitude – see the 17 most expensive objects of everyday use. Which one seems to be great, and which one is rubbish?

Toilet paper: $ 1,300, 000 – 3 layers made of 22-karat gold.


Bottled water: $ 60, 000 – 750 ml bottle looks like the face of Tributo Modigliani.


Beer: $800 – 1,815 for one bottle.


Shirt: $25,000 for a shirt made of gold.