Here are the most interesting Guinness Records, which were broken in 2016. Know them before they’re beaten by the next daredevil

Man enjoys checking and challenging himself.

Everything in this world is placed on some scale, and people always try to be at the top, achieving the highest titles, being the fastest, the strongest… The desire to be the best is natural, and the effect of this people beating various records, some of them quite strange.

The most famous collection of broken records in the world is the Guinness Book of World Records. This publication is over 60-years old and no one would have guessed at the beginning that the book would reach such success. Initially, the book was meant to be for guests of the Guinness bar, entertaining them by providing them with interesting facts.

The idea for this kind of publication came from Hugh Beaver, who in his early fifties is the director of the Guinness brewery. People who hunt wondered about the fastest bird in the world and came to the conclusion that aren’t any books that provide knowledge about the world and they decided to create one.

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