Here is one of the most unusual houses in the world. In the middle of the glass building stands… a tree!

Houses can take on many forms, which is why some people choose classic designs, while others modern ones. There are also those who feel the need to live in an absolutely unique and unrepeatable design, which will stun everyone around. What can be done to achieve this? Select an extraordinary design, effective materials and an impressive place to build.

Some of the finest homes in the world include a glass house built around a tree, based on a project designed by Kazakh architect Aibek Almassov. Due to its transparent walls, it was built in a remote location in the middle of a forest, ensuring excellent contact with nature.


The house has a cylindrical shape and a height of about 43 feet. At its center is a large fir-tree, which is perfectly integrated into the design of the building. The house was built for a local businessman and his wife, who needed a special place to be able to calmly think in solitude or meet with family and friends in comfortable conditions.

The house reminds many people of the Cullen property from the “Twilight” saga.

The house has four floors which you can move through thanks to a spiraling staircase. The interior is a combination of untouched nature and modern design, which is why the house has a unique atmosphere, favoring relaxation. Almassov is proud of her design, especially since she has fascinated the whole world and now, the architectural studio where she works, is receiving many inquiries from people who want to have the same property.

The design ensures close contact with nature, because of both the included tree and the views around it.

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