Here is what will happen to your body 20 minutes after quitting smoking. If you smoke, you have to read this!

Quitting smoking is a true test of strong will. Nicotine is extremely addictive and it is difficult to give up a habit that you’ve had for a dozen years. The diseases that cigarettes cause prove that it is worth doing.

Maybe you won’t succeed the first time, but you have to try to fight for better health. The Huffington Post and CVS Health have published the health benefits of quitting smoking. It turns out that 20 minutes after giving up the cigarette the body starts to function much better.

20 – 30 minutes after quitting smoking

Circulation throughout the body significantly improves and at the same time blood pressure lowers. In addition, the heart rate is slightly lower and hands and feet begin to heat up. The body decides to start regenerating. The longer you can stand it without nicotine, the better. You give your body a chance to repair what your habit destroyed.

What happens afterwards? After 2 hours, a day, week and several years? More about this on the following pages!