Here we reveal the biggest secret of Kinder Surprise! Using this method you can find toys from the newest collections

I personally don’t know a child who doesn’t enjoy a good Kinder Surprise Egg. Not only for it’s delicious milk chocolate but also for the cool surprise hidden inside it. This sales pitch works perfectly on the youngest. Youngsters love collecting all of the statues hidden in the egg but it’s not as easy to get them all as it may seem.

It is quite often that instead of a toy from the given collection, we get to find a common surprise such as puzzles or a little assembly plane. The kids are usually disappointed because that’s not what they expected.


In order to find out if the given egg contains a toy from the newest collection all you have to do is flip it and look at its label. It’s all about the letters placed under the bard code.

DF will mean that the egg contains a toy from the collection while DFB will suggest that most probably nothing interesting can be found.


We hardly ever pay attention to certain signs on products, which sometimes proves to be a big pity because they can prove very helpful. Do you know, for example what do those small stickers on fruit mean? Find out by reading THIS article.