Here’s why happy couples don’t share it on social media

We live in a time when for some, the relationship status on a social network is more important than what happens in the real world. The assessment of the lives of others relies on pictures that someone publishes on social networking sites. What is published and how it is titled is more important than knowing that the person we are looking at hasn’t been a part of our life for years.

When we see that someone does not post images of his better self, does not write how he missed them, loves them and longs for their honey-bunny … We may conclude that all is not well with them. Quite the opposite is true. The examples below may convince you.


When people are in a happy relationship, they live in the here and now.

When life is good, there’s no point in wasting time on make it public and collecting „likes” There is no point in wasting Energy in proving others what you know and are confident about.


Every couple who shares their problems in public has a communications problem.

Certain people even have fights on Facebook. Sometimes friends join in and comment on the case. This certainly won’t help in rebuilding the relationships, and can even become the beginning to an end. Happy couples talk to each other about difficult topics.