Hi didn’t wash for 60 years! The reason why he does not care about hygiene boggles the mind!

Personal hygiene is very important because the lack of it contributes to the proliferation of diseases and was the cause of many epidemics in the Middle Ages. Although everyone knows that you have to wash yourself, this 80-year-old man has decided that it will not do this and stubbornly holds on to his belief.

Amou Haji is a resident of the village Dejgah located in South-Western Iran. The man became known as “dirties man in the world” since at the age of about 20 years, he decided to stop washing himself. Stubbornly holding onto his decision, he did not use the shower until today and runs a very unusual lifestyle and diet which shocked all those who knew him.


Why does Amou Haji not wash? The man believes that washing oneself brings disease, so to not provoke fate, he avids water like the plague. Although most people would nigh this theory, it should be noted that Amou lived to a ripe old age despite the dirt covering him. What is more, he feels great. It is believed that life in harmony with nature means that one will be in a great condition.

Amou Haji swears that he has not bathed for 60 years now, never even washing his face.

According to Amou, the mere thought of clean water fills him with anger. This does not mean, however, that the man abandoned all daily care activities, as he takes care of his hair and beard. Does he go to the hairdresser? He found a better way to get rid of his long strands of hair: he burns them over the fire.

To adjust the length of the hair, he uses an old pot.

What does Amou live? What does he eat? Read the next page if you have the courage to check his unusual diet.