In this photo, in addition to a couple in love, you can see the silhouette of another man … We suggest that his presence is not obvious.

You understand that the language can hide the truth, but eyes – never” – Mikhail Afanasievich Bulhakov.

Can you always believe your own eyes? Unfortunately, no, because it is a rather misleading organ that undergoes many delusions. This is because the part of the brain that decodes images receives information through the eyes, which are always trying to simplify things. Bulgakov was wrong, because eyes can also hide the truth.

The brain first sees what it wants to see, which are the most obvious and well-known things. By interpreting images, they try to match those objects that have already been seen and to skip some details, and sometimes those are of the utmost importance.

Look at the figure below: nothing in it is particularly mysterious. Just a normal couple standing under a tree on the edge of a lake, yet someone else was hidden there …

Finding the third silhouette of a man is difficult, because the figure is very unobtrusive, as you will see when you see it.

Stretch your eyes and look at the graphics as a whole and then it will be easier for you to find the object you are looking for. But if you do not, you can look to the other side and see where the third silhouette is hidden.

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