His guardian shoved him into a suitcase and threw him out near the garbage. He was very surprised that the animal is still alive!

On the street in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands), a suitcase was found next to the trash. It contained a Pit Bull! The pet managed to erode a tiny hole through which he breathed. Fortunately, someone walked by and got interested by the suitcase. If he showed up 20 minutes later, the garbage truck would take it to the dump site.

Good people immediately cut a larger hole, so that the head of the dog could be released. It took quite a while for him to break free. She was named Milagros (from Spanish: miracle).


A lot of wounds and various injuries were discovered on her body. She went to the clinic, where he slowly came to himself. The beginnings were not easy. She was wary, and her behavior indicated that she was ill-treated by the owners.

Her story sparked a wave of indignation in the Spanish media. Everyone was sincerely sorry for the dog. A lot of people have expressed a desire to adopt Milagros. The police has taken steps to catch and punish the person responsible for doing her harm.


They managed to find the perpetrator. He was a man called Sergio MJ. Together with his girlfriend, had to take care of a dog belonging to his aunt.

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