His metamorphosis change women’s lives! See the most spectacular ones!

Natural beauty is the best, of that we don’t have the slightest doubt. But sometimes nature can need a little “help” and with the use of makeup tricks we can expose the beauty of our face and hide any defects. And if it’s an opportunity to improve the mood and self-esteem of women, then the game is really worth playing. Sometimes you need very little to feel better in your own skin. This proven by make-up artist Anar Agakishiev, whose metamorphosis arouse the admiration of Internet users around the world.

From ordinary women, using makeup tricks, Anar creates beauties like the ones from Hollywood. His metamorphosis confirm that there are no ugly women … they’re just underfunded.

Below and on the following pages are some really spectacular changes. The effects are really fantastic, and the spark of joy, which appear in the eyes of the heroines of the metamorphoses can move more sensitive people to tears. And although its inner beauty that really counts, the outer one is also important because it often allows someone to smile and be more confident to face each new day full of challenges.