His mother abandoned him in a shoe box because he was disabled. 17 years later, he comes goes on stage and makes the jury cry

Emmanuel Kelly did not have an easy life. He and his brother were born in Iraq and, shortly upon their birth, they were abandoned by their mother. The boys were disabled. Due to the heavy contamination of the war territory, their limbs developed improperly.

The mother did not want to look after them any longer and left the little brothers to their fate. First, they were in an orphanage and later in a nursing home in Australia, run by Moira Kelly. The woman loved them very much. She knew that disabled children need more love and support than their healthy peers.


Without hesitation, she adopted them and provided everything they needed. The brothers took the chance that fate had given them. They never complained about their disability but faced life’s many challenges instead. They believe in a good future and fulfill themselves in the fields they are good at. The older brother, Ahmed, is Australia’s representative at the Paralympics, and the younger, Emmanuel, has a fabulous voice. In 2011, he starred in the “X Factor”, where he won the hearts of the jury and brought the it to tears.

Listen to his excellent performance of the song “Imagine” by John Lennon.