His wife left him with the children for just two days. It was enough for him to appreciate how much effort she must put into taking care of them!

After a hard day at work, a man returned home completely exhausted. He sat back in his chair, turned on the TV and started watching the game. His wife asked him to help her out with some household chores, but he claimed that it shouldn’t be anything difficult for her.

These words hurt her terribly and made her leave the house and children for two days. How did he manage? You’ll find out by reading the letter he wrote to his wife.


My dear,

Two days ago, we had a big fight. I came home from work at 8 P.M. I was tired and wanted to watch the game. 

I saw that you were tired as well and in a bad mood. The children were also misbehaving at that time, and the youngest couldn’t fall asleep. 

What did I do? To drown out the noise, I turned up the volume on the TV. 

That made you even madder. You turned down the TV’s volume and asked me to help take care of them. 


I answered you angrily: “I was at work all day so that you could stay at home and play with the kids.”

You got mad and left. 

Then I experienced what it’s like to run around all day taking care of the children, without even having time to go take a shower. 

I learned what simultaneously boiling milk, taking care of both children and cleaning the kitchen looks like. 

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