They offered her $1million for a small house! After she refused the sales offer, they built a mall around her property!

Even though the money runs the modern world, they are not the most important for everyone. Other values also count. The owners of a particular developing firm, who discovered the perfect location for a mall, found out first hand.

Investors were able to buy all the property needed with the exception of a tiny home that belongs to the 84 year old Edith Macefield. The woman refused their offer without hesitation, confessing to the rule –home is where the heart is :).
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Because of Edith’s refusal, the developers had no choice – they had to modify their investment plans, so that it took into account the location of this tiny property.

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The lady’s attitude aroused admiration not only among the local community, but worldwide. It turned out, there are people who value other things more than money. The love to the home, in which one spends years of their life, turns out to be greater!

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