Historical photographs showing love during the war. You could be moved…

New technology has enabled efficient communications for couples, even at long distances. We can talk with a loved one at any time on the other end of the world, or send them a romantic good night text message. Previously, such possibilities didn’t even exist, especially during the time of ongoing wars, where communication was almost impossible.

Girlfriends awaited letters from soldiers for months, and when they hadn’t come for a long time, went through the darkest outcomes in their minds. Returning from the battlefield was something that one couldn’t forget for the rest of their life. Indescribable happiness, tears, emotions and great relief that all of it is finally over.

1. A kiss goodbye. This man leaves to fight in Korea, September 6th, 1950.


2. American soldiers bid farewell to their sweethearts, 1963.


3. A sailor and nurse kissing in New York’s Times Square.

This characteristic image became a symbol of the end of World War II.


4. A sad farewell at the train station, April 1943.

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