Homeless dog ran almost the entire Chinese ultra-marathon, and most importantly, got a new home

The fact that a dog is man’s best friend doesn’t have to be explained to anyone, because it’s something that has been confirmed countless times. Dogs can create a unique bond with people under the most unexpected circumstances. Dion Leonard is an Australian athlete living in Scotland.

Recently, he took part in an ultra-marathon organized in the Gobi Desert. Running across the sands of China and Mongolia, he noticed that he was being accompanied in the race by a small dog with a light-colored coat. Dion thought that the pup was soon going to get tired of the monotonous run and abandon him, but the dog didn’t leave the athlete throughout the whole day.


In the evening, after having completed the run, the dog visited the runner in his tent. Dion knew that the pet had chosen him as its friend and master, and made no mistake in doing so. The four-legged animal completed the marathon at Dion’s side, fearlessly running next to him. In total, the animal completed four parts of the marathon.

The dog quickly became a favorite among all of the marathon’s athletes and also became an unofficial participant of the run.

The animal was named Gobi, in honor of the desert where the ultra-marathon took place. Participating in the run, the dog caused the Australian athlete to fall in love with it and he decided to take the pet back to Scotland. Unfortunately, it turned out that it’s not that simple and Gobi, despite Dion’s best efforts, is still in Asia and is awaiting the possibility to leave.

Dion shared everything he had with Gobi: his bed, food and water.

Bringing a dog that was born on another continent to Europe requires taking care of a number of formalities. It’s also necessary to find a suitable and safe way to transport the animal. The cost of the entire operation was estimated at about 5,000 pounds. That’s why Dion put together a fundraiser, so that he could bring his new friend home. Thanks to the generosity of people who donated money, it will soon happen.

Gobi found a new home and a loving owner, and now she’s awaiting a long intercontinental journey.