How can you choose the tastiest watermelon? Pay attention to detail #1!

Although watermelons are made up of as much as 92% water and contain a limited amount of vitamins and nutrients, we love their delicious taste. It quenches thirst and is one of the most anticipated summer fruits. You can use it to make delicious cocktails, desserts and ice cream.

Today we give advice on how to choose the tastiest and sweetest fruit. Read these instructions and then go shopping!


1. Size

Try to steer clear of the gigantic variety, since it’s more likely that they were treated with fertilizers which support increased growth. It also isn’t recommended to choose the small variety, because they can be unripe. Therefore, it’s best to find a medium-sized melon.

2. Yellow spots

A yellow discoloration on the bottom of a watermelon is one of the main signs of its ripeness. But beware! If the spots are white, the watermelon isn’t fully ripe, and because of this, it won’t be that sweet.


3. Gender

Not everyone knows, but watermelons also have genders. “Boys” are narrower and longer whereas the “girls” are somewhat smaller and flattened. And as in life – girls are sweeter!

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