How do you pull a stuffed animal out from a vending machine? You will not believe how these popular machines work!

Pulling stuffed animals out of a toy machine is quite easy. Depending on the device type and size, we insert a coin and try to grab the stuffed animal which we like the most.

And even if we cannot do it on the first attempt, we will try again. The sweet face looks at us with big eyes behind the window of the machine and tempts us such an extent that without hesitation, we insert another coin. If a child is standing next to us, we feel even more pressure and we want to give the child something to cuddle with at any cost.


What do we do? We take money out of our wallet and try again. And before we know it, the amount inserted exceeds the actual value of the toy. Often there is a situation in which we are sure that we have almost caught the trophy. The gripper grabs teddy bear, but then slowly releases and the mascot ends up back at the bottom.

Why is this happening? These machines are programmed to operate according to a specific algorithm. Usually they have a knob which can adjust the number of fraudulent attempts. They’re used to set the clamping force. Of course, you can set them so that getting the toy is virtually impossible. The devices deliberately forge raising a toy, in order to further encourage the player to give up the next coin.


See how it looks in reality!

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