How many tigers can you see in this picture? The answer isn’t so obvious!

After a long vacation from work or school you somehow need to stimulate brain cells. If strong coffee doesn’t help, a good solution may be solving some puzzles. A crossword, sudoku or a picture can be used to improve your powers of observation.

Visual challenges have been enjoying considerable popularity recently. Finding hidden objects or people stimulates the imagination of Internet users to the extent that they even see things that aren’t in the photograph. 🙂

Check to see if you can solve the mystery below. Try to find all of the tigers in the dense jungle. As a hint, we can say that there definitely are more than four! Relax, focus your vision and start searching. Remember not to focus just on the central part.

The answer can be found on the next page! See if you can do it without it!




  1. Sheila-Ann Graybourne
  2. Kimberly