How much are you worth? Think before you answer!

Here’s a short story about looking for your value and a lack of self-esteem, which can affect your life. It’ll make you look at it quite differently.

Once a young boy came to an old wise man and said, “Master, I have come for advice, I’m still bothered by others, I’m worthless, I’m stupid. Please help me find my value.”

The wise man looked at the boy and said: “I don’t have any time, I’ve got urgent business in the city.” The boy was saddened by these words, because he once again felt repelled and worthless. Then the old man added: “But if you help me with it , I’ll find time for you.” The young boy immediately offered his help, that he’ll do what he needs.

Then the old man said, “Take my ring and go with it to the market. I’ve got to sell it to pay off my debts. Try to get it for a decent price, no less than one gold coin. Come back soon!”

The boy left and tried to sell the ring, but all of the traders in the market ridiculed him. They taunted that the ring is not even worth a few pennies. Saddened by this, the boy returned to the Master. He told him about how the shouting traders treated him.


The old man wasn’t worried by his words, but said, “Go now with the ring to the jeweler, an expert who’ll know its true value. But don’t sell it for any price.

The boy was surprised, but carried out the will of the old man. When the jeweler saw the ring he wanted to give him all the money he had – 60 gold coins! The surprised boy returned to the master, who said:

“Remember, you’re just like this ring. Precious and unique. However, only an expert can judge your value. Don’ worry if shouters and fools think you’re worth nothing. So, don’t wander, asking others about your value, but find it yourself inside you”.