How much would you be able to pay for a night in this kind of place?

We have something special for travellers looking for great impressions. It’s a place called Sky Lodge in the Peruvian Andes. At 400 feet high, or about 122 meters, you can find three hung capsules hung on the cliff wall, which are ideal for fans of extreme experiences looking for a night.

The incredible place is located near the city Cuzco in Peru, by the Sacred Valley region which is famous for it’s breath-taking views. The three capsules measure at 24 x 8 meters and are made from polycarbonate aluminium. In order to see one, and foremost spend a night inside one of the capsules, you need to purchase a trip from the Peruvian travel agency “Natura Viva”. A night in the magical capsule costs around 300 dollars a person. Imagine how wonderful it must be waking up on the edge of a cliff and taking in the beautiful surroundings. This special hotel will definitely leave an impression on everyone who had the chance to spend his or her night there. I think people afraid of heights would refuse to go on to such an extreme experience.

Think about how it must be like waking up in this type of natural environment.


The view is breath taking.  


In order to get to the capsule, you need to travel by line.