How quickly can you find the sniper in these pictures?

Human’s vision can easily be fooled, it’s sufficient to blend into a background. Specialists in this are soldiers. They have to hide in such a way as to become invisible to the human eye. Simon Menner, while shooting the photo session called “Camouflage”, decided to show masters of camouflage. The pictures show soldiers in nature, in a forest or a grassy meadow. However, you won’t notice them at first glance, and you may not find them at all.

See for yourself if you can find the hidden soldiers. We warn you that this isn’t easy, but satisfaction is guaranteed. On the next page you’ll find the answers.

1. In the forest. Take a good look.


2. In the hills it’s easy to disappear among the stones and bushes.


3. A lovely green meadow, but where’s the sniper?


4. Do you think there’s no place to hide?


5. Focus, this is your last chance to get out of the challenge with some dignity 😀