How the way your thumb looks can tell about your love life

We’ve written about fortune telling from the palms several times, pointing out the importance of the main lines. Today we’re here to learn what information can be read from the construction of the thumb.

The thumb is a very important finger for humans, because it’s the only finger curved in the opposite direction, which we possess. Its range of movement allows us to grab different items and perform many complex tasks. The thumb is also important for palmistry, which connects emotions with its appearance and also success in building relationships.


Although all thumbs may seem the same at first sight, they’re divided into three basic types. Belonging to a particular type is determined by the length of your phalanges, or in other words, the small bones which make up the fingers.

Choose your thumb type and check how you’re doing with love.

Type A: the first phalanx of the thumb is longer than the other.

You’re faithful and passionate. When you fall in love, you put all your effort into it, which can possibly make people from the outside think that you have an obsession, because you’re able to put aside all other matters and responsibilities for later in the name of love. When a loved one hasn’t been in touch with you for a long time, you start freaking out and nervously searching for that person. If you have a type A thumb, be careful, because your over-the-top commitment and possessiveness may discourage your partner, overwhelm them, and consequently destroy your relationship.


Type B: the phalanges of the thumb are the same length.

You like to plan everything and do everything according to a previously developed strategy, which allows you to effectively achieve your goals. No matter what happens, you remain calm and composed. This type of character is reflected in the shape of your mutual love life. You judge people carefully and try to be objective, demonstrating restraint when showing emotions. You don’t let emotions take over you, which is also why you don’t make impulsive decisions. People who have type B thumbs and approach love very carefully, often struggle with the problem of loneliness.

A description of the last thumb, type “C,” can be found on the next page.