How this phenomena happens still isn’t completely explained. But one thing is certain, that it’s impressive!

These mysterious formations on the beach, like the ones made on the beach in Dorset, England, are called beach cusps. One of the reasons for calling them “mysterious” is because scientist still aren’t sure how they are made.

Beach cusps often appear during a thunderstorm or right after one, and are unusual because of their placement, which is uniform and regular. If you don’t believe in aliens, there are two other theories that dominate in explaining how they are made. The first one is called the “standing edge” theory, which involves the interaction between waves coming closer to the beach and the edge of waves that show up perpendicular to the shore. The interaction between the waves creates regularly placed points of different wave intensities. The second “self-organizing” theory, states that the cusps are the result of an interaction between normal waves, current, and sand that occur during feedback loops. Many scientists think that each theory is legitimate and both are very likely.

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