How to eat an apple to arouse admiration among judges and get a standing ovation? Only Sofie Dossi knows how to do it

Achieving success in life requires hard work and sacrifices from an early age. To be a champion in a specific area of life you have to practice a lot, but as various performances in talent shows have shown, participants practice their talents for many years.

For several years now, viewers from around the world have been glued to their TV screens because of Got Talent programs. Thanks to them, dozens of artists have achieved success, because their performance on TV was a great opportunity for them to present themselves in front of an audience. 14-year-old Sofie Dossi also tried her luck in the American edition of the program.


Sofie isn’t like other girls in her age: after school she doesn’t complain about homework or chores, she doesn’t go shopping or to parties with her friends, but practices gymnastics instead. She dedicates almost all her free time to it, but as she says herself, it brings her pleasure, because she loves what she does and can’t imagine her life without it.

The human body can become very flexible, all thanks to proper practice.

The effects of hundreds of hours of practicing and the girl’s natural talent charmed the audience. The teenager showed everyone what an incredibly stretched body, strong hands and natural charm she has. During the show she surprised everyone e.g. with the way one can eat an apple and shoot an arrow having super-stretched muscles. The audience awarded her with a standing ovation, and the judges invited her to participate in the next part of the show.

The tricks that Sofie presents are very impressive.