Hunters pose for photos with their trophy lion, when suddenly a second wild cat appears! His attack was inevitable…

Hunting by some is considered a sport or hobby, while others view it only as meaningless barbarity. Particular outrage is raised by hunting, which targets less numerous or even endangered species. Unfortunately, there are people who, after all, cannot resist the temptation of killing.

People now hunt animals frequently for pleasure, since they’re not forced to do it because of e.g. hunger. It’s difficult to understand such behavior, full of cruelty. But the comforting fact is that nature itself can bring justice. Two hunters, who killed a lion and proudly posed with its corpse, found that to be true.


All hunters want to showcase their trophies. Today, it’s not necessary to have to hang hunting trophies on the wall, taking a picture or recording a video, which can be posted to social media, is enough. This is exactly what a couple was doing on a hunting expedition in Africa, but while they were busy posing with the corpse of the slain animal king, they overlooked the fact that revenge was closing in fast and had four paws with sharp claws, a mane and knifelike teeth…

In a moment, the couple will regret that they decided to mess around with wild animals.

The man and woman running around the savannah with rifles in hand had now become the victims of a lion, who decided to hunt them. The wheel of fortune had turned… A woman can be heard screaming and shots are fired behind the camera frame, and after some time the lion again appears in the frame of the camera which is still rolling…

The hunters got hunted.

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